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Team approach to mediation and dispute resolution

If one mediator is good, are two mediators better?

— Frankly, in many ways, yes.  There are a number of advantages that co-mediation offers, both in process and in content.

Having two mediators is a great benefit in making sure every issue is thoroughly covered.   Additionally, co-mediation offers an opportunity to create balance in several respects:

  • Many individuals who are going through the pain and strain of a family dispute feel more comfortable and confident with a mediator of the same gender.  Working with a male/female co-mediation team affords that comfort to both parties.

  • There are also stylistic differences between mediators in the way they listen for facts, pick up on emotions, elicit responses and offer information.   The balance of co-mediators increases the likelihood that everyone will have a positive experience.

  • Mediators also bring different backgrounds and areas of expertise to the table. Many family conflicts (such as divorce, inheritance, family business) are stressful and emotional realities, and legal realities as well; a co-mediation team of a mental health professional and a lawyer addresses both realities with skill, knowledge and sensitivity.

  • Balance helps to create comfort.  A comfortable environment is one that is most conducive to achieving the kind of process desired by all.

Co-mediation is advantageous because the professional consultation between the mediators is built in and readily available.  Professionals in any field often do their best work when they are able to consult with their peers.  Co-mediators have the distinct advantage of being able to consult throughout the work they do together.

Co-mediation offers all of these advantages at a fee comparable to most experienced, individual mediators, while saving the family the considerable financial and personal cost of possible litigation.  When the co-mediation model creates an atmosphere most conducive to reaching agreements, the entire mediation process can be less costly in both time and expense.