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  • About Family Co-Mediation

    An overview of Co-Mediation and its benefits at Family Co-Mediation.

  • Co-Mediation Process

    An explanation of the process of mediation employed at Family Co-Mediation.
  • Contact

    Contact information and contact form.

  • Divorce

    An explanation of the Divorce Mediation process in Massachusetts.

  • Home Page

    A description of who we are an links to all of our pages.

  • Resources

    Links to Suggested reading and other information.

  • Our Philosophy

    The philosophy and practice at Family Co-Mediation stated.

  • Parenting Coordination

    Parenting Coordination is a service offered by Rebecca M. Cohan, LISCW.

  • The Co-Mediators

    Meet the Co-Mediators at Family Co-Mediation and read a brief biography.

  • What is Mediation?

    An explanation of Mediation used in conflict and dispute resolution.


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